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With our in house videographer, we help you capture and convey your story through the power of visuals. By working closely with clients, we adopt a personal approach to ensure that we achieve the best value for your project. Our goal at Veersuals is to tell your story through visuals that deeply resonate with your target audience.

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Aerial Cinematography

One way to achieve impactful storytelling is through capturing stunning aerial footage that can take your production to the next level. We have the skills, certification and experience to change perspectives. Not only that, but we also fly an FPV drone to capture footage that conveys freedom and excitement. Let’s showcase your brand in a whole new light!

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At veersuals, we believe that photography is all about capturing that one perfect moment that tells a story, exudes beauty, and sparks an emotion. We help you capture those moments and bring them to life through post-processing techniques. Our agency specializes in creating impactful content and branding.

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Video Editing

Post-processing video footage is essential to creating a beautifully rounded end product. Veersuals adds special effects, music, and sound design to your videos, taking your brand, events, project promotions, and more to the next level. We are dedicated to delivering the highest quality videos that will leave a lasting impression.

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Web Design

Our web design services empower companies to establish an impactful online presence. It is important for us to have a careful approach to understand our clients’ needs. We offer packages that include our other services to complement the web design with impactful visuals. We are specialized in creating a rounded branding to empower your website to help you create maximum impact.

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We also help clients with

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"Machiel works very accurate and is productive at the same time. But the most stunning is the creativity that comes with it, not only on new ideas, but especially his visual skills to explain and present his ideas. This combination makes him a must-have person for any project."

– Fabian

"Machiel is a highly skilled photographer with an eye for details and moments capturing the atmosphere. We are so happy that he took pictures of our wedding day and would highly recommend him!"

– Jonas & Ramona

"Machiel’s personal approach made me feel very comfortable. He really has a sense for what people in front of his camera need to be themselves. Also his post-processing skills blew my mind. Together we created beautiful photo and video material matching the feeling of my brand. I am looking forward to shooting with Machiel again."

– Clara


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